Member Profiles

 Some of our OSOK members and their bios. Teach through example. 

Name - C.G. Jenkins
Call Sign - Squeegie
Age - 29
Occupation - Graphic Designer
Years Playing - 5
Team- Air Assault, Cocoa Fl.
Gun - Angel
Barrel - 16" Smarts Parts AA
Favorite Quote: "The most deadly weapon on any battlefield is the single well aimed shot."

I started playing paintball  five years ago. Even from my first game I knew what my role as a player would be. Stealth was everything. After a few games I went home and built my first Ghille suit. I played on Team Virus, a local sniper team. Our captain taught us that you want to shoot the enemy from behind his lines, and never want to take them head on. This stuck with me, for later on I always seemed to find myself behind the enemy ,from a well camouflaged position, firing away. Over the years I developed my long ball game and practiced crawling. I would like to think that I have become a better player through training. I am often told that I am the only sniper they know with an Angel. I like the Angel not for its rate of fire, but for its accuracy. Electronic triggers greatly reduce unwanted movement in the firing sequence. This allows for a much more stable shot, plus its a fun gun to shoot!! I started OSOK with the hope that there would be more people out there who believe that volume doesn't always equal victory. Well aimed shots take a lot more skill than 99 near misses & one hit. Volume shooters have there place in the game just as we do, and we both wouldn't have as much fun without the other. I just wanted to get the snipers together and give them an identity and a place to voice there opinions. So take advantage of it guys( & girls), send me some stuff!!!!! - Squeegie



Name: Aaron Grubin
Call Sign: Ghost
OSOK Number: 10
Age: 26
Occupation: Flight Instructor
Years Playing: 9
Gun: Tippmann SL-68 II
Barrel: Varies depending on field paint
Favorite Quote: Armies win wars, snipers save countries

     From my first game in '92, I realized the value of one well placed shot from a camouflaged location. Stealth and surprise are the best tools available to any player. Canadian Army recon training helped train me to "sneak and peek" and years on the rifle team competing in match shoots both added up to help me on the field. After I left the service I kept playing from hidden locations on the field. Readers are leaders and after reading such books as "One Shot One Kill" and "Inside the Cross Hairs" I am still learning and refining my game. I've taken a guy I work with and I'm teaching him what I know about sniping in the game. Who knows. Maybe I'll have a spotter soon. Practice, patience, and discipline. Through training and practice, skilled players are made.




Name: Matthew Eller
Call Sign: Maverick
OSOK Number: 204
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Years Playing: 4
Gun: Tippmann SL-68 II
Barrel: Tippman 24" sniper
Favorite Quote: "Lord let my shot fly straight and true"

The art of sniping have interested me even before I started playing paintball. I used to read anything I could get my hands on about sniping. Then I discovered paintball. The game where you can have fun by hunting other people. I first started with a Talon, just going out and playing with friends. I liked to lay ambushes. Then I got a Tigershark. I built a silencer attachment for "Covert Operations". Then I built my first ghillie suit. It took a long, long time to make, but well worth the effort. Then I upgraded to the SL-68 II. I got it because it was a bargain deal, but now I love it. The reason I like the sniping role is because a sniper has the ability to strike fear into the hearts of opposing players with just one shot. To be able to nock off a player with top of the line equipment with just one shot. I like to think I know a lot about the subject because of my extensive research on the subject, but I find something new every time I go out. Because there is no greater teacher than experience.





Name: Dennis Dozier
Call Sign: Wizm
OSOK# 205
Age: 25
Occupation: MIS
Years Playing: 3
Gun: TSG-1 vII
Favorite Quote:  "I have the two most powerful weapons in my arsenal,
Patience and Time."

I currently classify myself as a "Sniper Hunter".  I have been studying
about sniper tactics since I was 16 years old.  Everything from movies,
books, instructional videos, online video games, and of course, paintball
games.  All of us fellow snipers know how much of a pain we can be for an
opposing team on a mission or any unsuspecting player on the field, so it
seems for the last year or so, I have been spending most of my time tracking
down enemy snipers to the request of the generals.  This role has stuck, and
I now spend 50% of my time tracking down snipers and 50% of my time guarding
the CP against them.  Snipers are the most challenging type of players to
take-on, and that is why I spend most of my time at a  scenario game hunting
them down.  With the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years
and with the aide of my flatlined TSG-1 gun, Tasco scope, GF heat sensor, SE
hearing device, and a few other secret weapons/devices, I am well suited to
hunt my brotherhood of snipers.  As Denzel Washington said in the movie
Training Day "It takes a wolf to catch a wolf!"